Production Time: what’s the deal?

Our customer service ninjas told me that they get a lot of questions about our turnaround and shipping time. In an effort to clarify the matter, I had to have a visual so I figured you creative types would prefer to be enlightened the same way.



We guarantee 3 day turnaround unless otherwise noted (i.e., foil takes a little longer so it’s noted in the description on the site). We do NOT count the day that you upload your artwork and send in your order since they come at all hours of the day. Sometimes it happens even faster, we just want to make sure that you have a guideline to work with.


  1. You claim there is a 3 day business turn around but i have experienced differently on more than one occasion. Also, I have asked before what “guaranteed” means which i have never received a straight answer for. For example, a true guarantee means if you fail to meet the stated period, you offer something in return, like free printing. A guarantee is nothing if it is not backed by anything. The 3 day turn around doesn’t apply to custom projects either.

    1. I am sorry for the late reply on this Deanna. I missed this post. Our guarantee means that if we fail to ship within 72 business hours then we will upgrade the freight at our expense. If someone places an order on a MoWe cannot offer this on custom jobs. Should I have someone reach out to discuss this live with you? Mark

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