Month: November 2013


Hello everyone,

We get a bunch of questions on our new platform called CAPOW, so I thought I would try to answer the most common ones here. Please feel free to contact me if I failed to answer one or more of your questions.

What is CAPOW?

CAPOW is a technology platform which enables our partners to offer real-time preview, automated file creation, and seamless order fulfillment. The acronym C.A.P.O.W. stands forComplete Automated Personalized Order Workflow.

CAPOW was created to enable our partners a simpler and automated way of doing business. The platform has 3 modules.

1. Show it:

Creates real-time preview of your products for the end user.
Creates print-ready final artwork for production.

Here’s a comparison of the same product with and without real-time preview.

2. Send it:

Allows distributed manufacturing for the customer to manage geographically or by product SKU.

See graphic below, or click on this link for the complete datasheet.

3. Ship it:

Integrates fulfillment providers with your front-end solution.
Communicates with front-end solution for improved customer service.

Why do I need CAPOW?

This may be easier to answer in the negative. Why don’t I need CAPOW?

  1. You sell your products offline and do not use an E-commerce platform.
  2. You believe real-time preview is nice but not necessary, or that it will not increase customer conversion.
  3. You want to create your artwork individually for each order.
  4. You produce most or all of your products internally.
  5. Your volume is too small to justify the investment.
  6. You already have a similar solution to CAPOW.

Why would I choose CAPOW over building my own personalization engine?

The answer to this question is complex. CAPOW is not for everyone. If a CAPOW configurator does not work well with your specific needs, you should probably invest in your own custom solution. Another reason to build your own is that you might be using a proprietary E-commerce platform which does not work with third party solutions.

The cost to build your own personalization preview and art creation engine is extremely expensive. In almost all cases that we have come across, the investment in a custom build is consistently 3-5 times the cost of CAPOW, and this cost only represents the absolute dollars invested. It does not take into consideration the time invested in researching, evaluating, scoping, and managing the custom development project.

CAPOW is built to handle most personalization needs with regard to stationery, gifts, books, and other similar products. Once implemented, it will save you tremendous amounts of time in the day-to-day tasks of creating artwork, reviewing artwork, proofing, creating orders, placing orders, and servicing customers. Depending on the user’s volume, the investment in CAPOW can be recouped in a very short time frame by the savings in labor. Other benefits include increased conversion from live preview and the increase of sales and marketing efforts currently lost in supporting the daily tasks of operating without an automated platform.

How much does CAPOW cost?

This is a tough one to answer because each deployment is a little different. Some of the factors that determine the cost of a CAPOW integration include:

  • The E-commerce platform you use
  • The number of modules you need (show it, send it, ship it)
  • The number of templates and products you want to offer
  • The complexity of the products (ie. 20 page storybook vs. greeting card)
  • The number of production sources you want to integrate with
  • The number of concurrent users on CAPOW

Most of the costs are one-time charges and can be paid up-front. We also have a pay-as-you go, month to month option with smaller up-front investment. In either case, there will be some monthly maintenance to ensure uptime, throughput, and scalability.

Once our sales and development teams have a chance to better understand your specific needs, we can scope the project and give you an accurate cost. We do know that compared to building it yourself, CAPOW will save you a lot of time and money and will give you more flexibility to grow in the future.

How long does it take to complete a CAPOW integration?

Excellent question. Again, tough to answer without a project scope. On average, the time frame from project approval to completion is 2-3 months. This does not include the pre-sales process and project scope. The time frame can vary dramatically based on all the factors listed above in the cost answer.

Can you show me an example of a CAPOW solution?

Of course we can. Please see the next question.

How do I get started in the evaluation process?

Simply contact any of our sales team members or send an email to [email protected]. We will be happy to discuss your situation to see if a CAPOW integration makes sense for you.