Month: October 2021

Holidays 2021: Three Custom Printed Stationery Products to Add to Your Collection

Honestly, I have about eleventeen new favorites but in an effort to keep this post short and sweet for all of us, I’ve narrowed it down to three products that are growing fast and helping stationery designers increase their sales.

But first, a little business tip. AOV stands for Average Order Value. This number goes up and down depending on what is being sold. Let’s say a designer typically sells a set of 10 cards/envelopes for $14.95 so that’s the AOV. Now let’s say that designer starts to offer a set of custom stickers with a return address and design that coordinates with the card set for an additional $6.95 so that same order goes up to $21.90. Same number of customers, same marketing cost but now the AOV is significantly higher. Multiply the difference by the number of orders every month and your revenue stream has gone up without a huge amount of work. So with that in mind, here are products that I love that I think customers will love too.


Custom Wrapping Paper Sheets
Amazing custom printed holiday wrapping paper design by Offensive_Delightful

Wrapping paper is our fastest growing product, makes sense that customers who like your stationery designs will also love your wrapping paper designs. The examples here are not personalized, but they could have a family name and specific holiday message for those who really love everything personalized.

Wholesale Custom Wrapping Paper, printed on demand
Double Sided Wrapping Paper Sheets, Custom Printed on Gloss Paper

Custom printed wrapper paper comes in sheets (5 sheets per set) or rolled (single rolls). To get details about size, stock and costs, go to Custom Wrapping Paper. Make sure that you are logged into your account if you are a creative professional so you can see the wholesale pricing.


It’s hard to believe that stickers are in my top three but they are very on trend, very low cost and very easy to add to a sale. Custom Printed Stickers come in circles, squares, and rectangles. My favorite are the 2″ round stickers, they are a great price – under $5 for 20 stickers and you can upload up to 4 original designs. And I don’t have to make sure they’re straight when I put them on an envelope or package 🙂

Custom Printed Stickers Wholesale
Personalized stickers, custom printed on demand.
Beverage Label applied as a jar label for holiday treats with a custom design.


Family photos with a simple message are still a top trend in holiday cards, why not offer them as a magnet? Make it easy for recipients (like me) who love to display all the holiday cards with a cute photos of kiddos, doggos and families. Magnetic cards come in A7, A2, and 4 Bar. Learn more about them here.

Custom Printed Magnetic Holiday Card
Custom printed magnetic holiday card.

The Best Way to Create Custom Wrapping Paper

Custom wrapping paper is all the rage right now and you can create your own if you know how to create a high res file. There’s a bit of a learning curve to creating a large pattern of artwork as opposed to creating a custom printed card. Here are a few helpful tips:

Print on Demand Wrapping Paper
Custom Wrapping Paper Wholesale for Creative Pros
  1. Consider whether you want a pattern to be static or “tossed.” A tossed pattern has the graphic turned in multiple directions so that no matter how someone is viewing a wrapped gift, some of the pattern is right-side-up. A static pattern is all one direction and is easier to create.
  2. Make the graphics smaller than you think they should be. When creating a large file (20″ x 29″ for wrapping paper sheets, 30″ x 72″ for rolled wrapper paper) you’ll be viewing at about 30% (or less) of actual size so the pattern will look tiny. Be sure to occasionally view at 100% or better yet, print out a section of the design at full size so you can see how big your artwork will look when it’s custom printed.
  3. If you’re using any images, reduce the file size in photoshop before using it on your art file. If you repeat an image that’s 5MB dozens of times on a sheet the file will get huge and slow down your work. A rough size of 2″ x 2″ at 150dpi is plenty big enough for digital printing.
  4. Stay away from big fields of solid color without any graphics, on a large sheet this tends to have streaks. Breaking up the background with a pattern and color variations will get you a better printed result.
Tossed pattern for print on demand wrapping paper.
Example of a tossed pattern with varying graphic sizes.

You can find rolled wrapping paper printing and custom printed wrapping paper sheets on our site, create an account to get wholesale pricing if you’re a creative pro:

Wrapping paper printing is available on gloss or matte paper for sheets and uncoated bond for rolled wrapping paper with your design on it.