Month: June 2013

What’s New: The Look of Letterpress for Less

IMG_2724_500x333It has the aesthetic qualities of letterpress printing—the rich paper, the intense color, the lightly debossed type. But this isn’t your ordinary letterpress printing. Digital Letterpress blends the best of traditional print with the precision, consistency, value and turnaround of digital printing.

One of our newest services, Digital Letterpress Printing lets designers tap into the letterpress trend for their custom stationery and paper goods—at a lower cost. Use our easy online print ordering system and begin with your choice of templates, which feature colored borders, fancy die-cut shapes and blind-embossed embellishments. Design the center of the card with type and graphics, upload your creation and we’ll produce high-quality prints to your specifications. Affordable Digital Letterpress is ideal for stationery designers who want to upgrade their creations with texture and style without adding cost and time.


Or, work with us on fully customized stationery designs that tap into our complete range of specialty printing. Use Digital Letterpress to create designs that mirror the look and feel of traditional letterpress printing, with debossed text that’s achieved through a simple foil-stamping process. Create your own unique pieces—custom letterpress wedding invitations, personalized party papers, monogrammed note cards and more— with custom die-cut shapes, kiss-cuts and folds. Custom Digital Letterpress Printing is a great solution when you’re creating a complete suite of high-end printed materials for a wedding or event: Every item, from the save-the-date card, to the invitation, to personalized favor boxes and coasters, can be printed to match precisely. (No more disappointment from the quality difference between letterpress printed invitations and digitally printed programs or postcards.)

Digital Letterpress lets stationery designers add a distinctive look and feel to their customized paper products, without the lengthy lead times for traditional printing. And it produces consistent quality over runs small or large (we recommend minimum orders of 20 for Digital Letterpress or 50 for custom printing). Even better: Digital Letterpress helps you price your products competitively—call us to see how cost-effective quality printing can be for your next project.

You Asked. We Delivered. NSS 2013 Survey Round-up!

2013 marks our fifth year in attending the National Stationery Show (NSS); however, we haven’t always been known as “StationeryHQ”. In the first few years, we appeared as our corporate brand, PrintHQ, and our retail brand, Frecklebox. Nevertheless, we have always been StationeryHQ behind the scenes, and since then, we’ve been steadily growing with your continued loyalty and support.

We’ve learned a lot through these past couple of years, and we’d like to share some of that knowledge with you. At this year’s NSS, we had the pleasure of meeting and greeting many of our customers, and we gathered some of their thoughts and opinions on paper.

Here’s the Survey Round-up for NSS 2013:

1. Did you know about before wandering aimlessly into our booth?

  • 34% : Nope! Not a clue.
  • 66% : Absolutely! How could I not?

2. What prevents you from doing more business?

  • 21% : My site does not have personalization technology.
  • 12% : My site does not accept orders.
  • 17% : I have tons of business so don’t get all up in my face about it. (Sorry!)
  • 50% : Other

3. What’s your biggest manufacturing challenge? Although some don’t manufacture, here are our visitors’ top five biggest manufacturing challenges:

  • Time/ Shipping times
  • Printing and quality
  • Price
  • Custom services (on metallics, letterpress, foil, lamination, envelope conversion)
  • Finding partners/vendors

4. Have you ever tried personalized direct mail to get new business?

  • 18% : Yes
  • 71% : No
  • 11% : WTF?

5. Do you totally wish we offered a printed proof for under $10?

  • 66% : Totally.
  • 22% : Not even a little bit.
  • 12% : It’s complicated.

6. What do you wish we offered on Here’s a snapshot of their wishes:

  • More paper stock options, such as colored and wood
  • More double thick sizes, such as coasters
  • Banners
  • Edging
  • Larger magnetic postcards
  • Tote/gift bags
  • Home Decor
  • Plates
  • Laser cut
  • Custom tissue

…and that’s it for the 2013 NSS Survey Round-up. We’re working through the survey list to see which products/services we can add this year.

Do you agree/disagree with what our booth visitors said? Share your “two-cents” in the comments section below!

We hope to see you all again next year!

Double Thick Savoy Cotton Walkthrough

Welcome back to StationeryHQ!

If you’re new to the site, please take a look at my Welcome Walkthrough blog Post to make sure that you don’t miss any of our website’s special features.

Without further ado, we at StationeryHQ are SUPER excited to announce the addition of Double Thick Savoy Cotton, the newest member in our new line of Double Thick paper stocks!

Can’t wait to get it for your next project? Click here to take you directly to the Double Thick Savoy Cotton ordering page and watch the video below for a complete walkthrough on how to place it in your cart:

Thanks for watching, and we hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as we do!