Month: February 2014

Considering a Deal Site Offer?

Considering a Deal Site Offer?

Several of our customers have asked us to do the back-end order fulfillment for Zulily,Living SocialGrouponJane, and other deal sites.  They want to expose their brand to thousands of customers and a deal site is a quick way to accomplish that. The challenge is very skinny margins and lots of labor to process the orders.

Not anymore. I bet you didn’t know that StationeryHQ has an automated process for fulfilling a deal site offer. You don’t have to input hundreds of individual orders on to fulfill a deal. SHQ has come up with an easy 1-2-3 process for fulfilling deal site orders. Go ahead, offer of any your products that we manufacture and we’ll get the entire deal fulfilled in 10 days from receipt of files.

Contact your sales representative or [email protected] for the details.

Please note: We can only accept a limited number of deal site offers per month. All deal site fulfillment projects must be scheduled in advance.

Meet Monica and our binders

Customer Service Rock Stars, Part I

You might have already had the pleasure of meeting some of our super awesome CS peeps via email or phone. INTRODUCING MONICA, one of our wonderful (and sassiest) customer service representatives. In this video she introduces herself and her favorite SHQ custom product.

We’d love to meet you too, maybe at the National Stationery Show in New York or the next time you visit beautiful Northern California.


We love California (except for taxes. aka all you never wanted to know about sales tax in California)

We love California. Great weather, inexpensive houses (just kidding) and no taxes (now I’m just crying). We have had a lot questions about how California sales tax works so I thought I’d try to share what I know.

Since our production facility is in Santa Clara, California we are subject to the California sales tax rules. As a former accountant I know that sales tax is really a use tax. The rules are as follows:

  1. If we ship within California we are required to charge sales tax unless the person we are selling to has a California resale license.
  2. If your customer is located in California (even though your business isn’t) we must charge and pay the state. To learn more I recommend this article: TAX ARTICLE. You can also visit the Franchise Tax Board
  3. You can apply for a license but I’ll warn you there are requirements you should review to make sure it makes sense for your business. Quarterly filings, etc.

It probably only makes sense if you ship multiple stationery orders per month to your clients with shipping addresses in California.

For most of you who occasionally ship an order in California we recommend you add 9% to your prices to cover the cost of the sales tax we are forced to charge you.

Now can we talk about our great weather instead? Even though I’m a recovering accountant I really hate taxes.

How the heck do we produce our double thick cards?

We have wicked awesome double thick cards!

I’d like to introduce Jim Towle, our general manager. Check out this video to see Vanna Jim show off our double thick machine. We would love for you to come and visit us so we can show you in person. It’s pretty cool.

Meet Jim

How did we make double thick happen, you ask? Tiny Prints came to us and told us they wanted to launch double thick cards. Thick stocks over 18 point just won’t run on digital presses.

We were living in an on-demand world and we just didn’t want lots of inventory of one super thick stock. It slowed the presses down and we were also concerned about the long term quality. I know has been doing amazing work this stuff for many years but we wanted to sell it wholesale with plenty of paper options.

Scott, Jim and I sat down to figure it out. We came out of that long meeting with two goals:

  • Be able to do double thick on any stock that ran well
  • Not hold inventory of paper stock with glue

I was the lucky one. I got to participate in the idea generation and then Scott and Jim had to make it happen.

We worked with a great company called Rollem. Even though we have a great relationship with them from past equipment purchases and a deep relationship through Dscoop (the Indigo User Group) there were many months where we we both very disappointed . The equipment didn’t work and there were times we wanted to send it back and would have if they would have returned our money.

Luckily they were a real partner and wanted us to succeed. We worked out the kinks are happy that we can offer you many stocks in double thick. Who knows maybe we will figure out automated triple thick in the future although my hair is already all gray…….

We know the competition isn’t far behind so we’re already working on the next big thing, stay tuned!

Thanks for reading.


Meet Chris

Chris Hernandez is one of our super awesome account managers at  He graduated from the Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo which has one of the best printing programs in the nation, their printing museum is amazing. They even have a working Mergenthaler that actually still works.

He is standing in front of one of our HP Indigo 7500 presses. Aside from Chris’ passion for making the customer smile, we think his sense of humor is his best quality. And he brings chocolate covered pretzels to meetings. With sprinkles. Seriously.

Meet Chris

Chris would love to meet you by phone, email, or in person. His contact information is: Chris Hernandez | [email protected] Phone: 408.982.1790 ext 312

I’d like to introduce you to

Hi from Mark at StationeryHQ.

In 2014 I’m on a mission to introduce you to the folks at Some of them might not want to go on camera but I’ll do my best to convince them.

MEET  Mark

Our parent company is 24 years old, which makes me pretty old…..We started as a result of our success with Tiny Prints and Wedding Paper Divas. In case you didn’t know, we were the manufacturing company that helped them launch. Scott (my business partner) and I met Ed, Laura, and Kelly (the founders) back in 2004.

They had a crazy idea of printing 10 birth announcements. We didn’t see how we could do it but they were really smart and really nice and so we sat down to try to figure out how to make it work. Those first few years were pretty rough.  Tiny Prints would forecast 75 orders a day and then give us 200.

We call it learn by trying over here. Roll up your sleeves and try. Everybody working hard together to make the customers smile. It really changed who we are as a company. Our mission statement is “Our passion is to partner with people to enable their creative ideas”. We didn’t really write that to be a marketing slogan even though we find it kind of catchy. We wrote it to express who we are at the core. Scott and I have been running this company since the start and after 26 years together (yes we worked at two other companies before that) we can finish each other sentences.

Getting back to our company. Our mission is to meet you with these videos so you know who you are speaking with when you call. We’d love to meet you in person when you come visit our shop or at the National Stationery Show in New York.

I can promise you that we have some great people who try really hard. Sure we mess up, because this personalized printing stuff can be pretty hard sometimes. But we really want to fix it when we do mess up so please ask. I’ll give you a hint, don’t yell at us even when we deserve it. When customers are nice about a problem the guilt kicks in and we work twice as hard to make it right.

You can virtually meet me by watching my video below and my direct line is 408.200.2711. Since I get quite a few of those annoying sales calls you will probably get me sooner at [email protected]. I stalk our facebook page pretty regularly too.

Thanks for your business or for just stopping by to check us out.