I’d like to introduce you to StationeryHQ.com

Hi from Mark at StationeryHQ.

In 2014 I’m on a mission to introduce you to the folks at StationeryHQ.com. Some of them might not want to go on camera but I’ll do my best to convince them.

MEET  Mark

Our parent company is 24 years old, which makes me pretty old…..We started StationeryHQ.com as a result of our success with Tiny Prints and Wedding Paper Divas. In case you didn’t know, we were the manufacturing company that helped them launch. Scott (my business partner) and I met Ed, Laura, and Kelly (the founders) back in 2004.

They had a crazy idea of printing 10 birth announcements. We didn’t see how we could do it but they were really smart and really nice and so we sat down to try to figure out how to make it work. Those first few years were pretty rough.  Tiny Prints would forecast 75 orders a day and then give us 200.

We call it learn by trying over here. Roll up your sleeves and try. Everybody working hard together to make the customers smile. It really changed who we are as a company. Our mission statement is “Our passion is to partner with people to enable their creative ideas”. We didn’t really write that to be a marketing slogan even though we find it kind of catchy. We wrote it to express who we are at the core. Scott and I have been running this company since the start and after 26 years together (yes we worked at two other companies before that) we can finish each other sentences.

Getting back to our company. Our mission is to meet you with these videos so you know who you are speaking with when you call. We’d love to meet you in person when you come visit our shop or at the National Stationery Show in New York.

I can promise you that we have some great people who try really hard. Sure we mess up, because this personalized printing stuff can be pretty hard sometimes. But we really want to fix it when we do mess up so please ask. I’ll give you a hint, don’t yell at us even when we deserve it. When customers are nice about a problem the guilt kicks in and we work twice as hard to make it right.

You can virtually meet me by watching my video below and my direct line is 408.200.2711. Since I get quite a few of those annoying sales calls you will probably get me sooner at [email protected]. I stalk our facebook page pretty regularly too.

Thanks for your business or for just stopping by to check us out.

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