Check out our sassy print work in Martha Stewart Weddings.


A bold wedding suite set the tone for a beautiful occasion.


Great use of our different products to go along with an amazing event.

Designer and super awesome client Katie Evans has had quite a year. First she tied the knot, then she had her wedding and designer fabulousness featured in Katie took advantage of our high quality digital printing and double thick paper to make a statement, along with bold, happy colors and truly inspired typography. She also took advantage of our stickers to put on cute treat bags and our large sized gift wrap to do a ginormous menu and photo backdrop. Great ideas to continue a theme and stay in budget!2014MSW_spring

You Design. We Deliver. An NSS Perspective from StationeryHQ.

photo 1

Having just returned from NSS in New York, I thought it appropriate to share my take on this year’s show. This was my fifth consecutive show and each year I’m thrilled to have a chance to see and meet so many of our existing customers. There’s nothing like putting a name with a face and hearing about customer experiences with our company. Yes, even the bad ones.

The show, like all shows (and orders for that matter) seemed to come in waves. From 10am to 11am we wondered if anyone would show up this year, and from 11am to 3pm we wondered how many people walked away without getting to speak with a representative. If that happened to you, we apologize and hope you had a chance to come back when we weren’t slammed.

As always, I love the “Best in Show” display. My favorite new product was a beautiful hand-sewn leather journal. The incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail was amazing. In general, besides the always fantastic lines of greeting cards, the popular items seemed to be unique journals and wrapping paper. The unfinished look of bound journals was very prevalent and wrapping paper was everywhere. Letterpress remains very strong and the foil trend continues with a vertical trajectory that we rarely see in the industry.

Overall, the crowd was good, the booths looked great, and everyone seemed to be upbeat about the marketplace. From my perspective, I’m glad we were there, and I am eager to help make existing and new stationer’s dreams come true.

Scott Feldman, SHQ Sales Manager


Fresh Ideas from Daring Designers

We love a challenge at StationeryHQ so when a Designer calls and starts with “I don’t know if you guys can do this, but…” we get all excited. Seriously, our heart rates go up, and we break out in a light pre-game sweat over the possibilities. We got such a message recently from Cara Rank of xowyo paper and press.


The paper does the talking with this totally unique design.

We asked Cara what inspired her to design a kraft wedding suite with white ink, here’s what she had to say,

“I have printed on kraft before. I find that people, especially here in Jackson, love the rustic, handmade feel of kraft paper. So I use it a lot for my clients. But when I print in house, I can only do 80, maybe 100 lb. stock. And since I have an ink printer, I can only print in CMYK. I have never been able to print white on kraft without the added expense of screen printing. The offline order was a great option for my company because I could offer the look without the added expense. Yes it was more expensive than your regular ordering system, but it was definitely less than paying my screenprinter to do it (and I didn’t have to do any cutting or folding). Stationery HQ saved me a lot of time with the trifold!”

Kraft_1Two gorgeous designs using the same process: kraft paper with white ink

When asked if designing a custom project with white ink was tough, Cara replied,

“Setting up the files was really easy. It took just minutes. My rep, Leah, was great. I told her my vision, and she suggested the paper stock. She basically did all the work for me. Because one of the jobs was kind of rushed, she even snapped photos for me to approve via email. Stationery HQ did send me color proofs for approval, too.”

IMG_1223_w4151Sassy coasters designed for beer tasting in the bar at a dinner party

We also ran our first double thick, double sided coasters recently. I am the creative director at StationeryHQ so I get a sneak preview of what’s coming down the pipeline. I was practically drooling when I found out that we were adding this option to the SHQ menu. I love to entertain and fully believe that custom coasters are a necessity at every occasion (think weddings, anniversary, birthday parties, bbqs, holidays). This particular coaster design was created for beer tasting before a business dinner at my home with guests from all over the world. The design was inspired by the California theme that was part of the whole evening and my appreciation for a good laugh at almost any cost. You can see more photos and the round coasters I designed for the event at Yes, I had double thick custom coasters in the bar AND round custom coasters on the dinner table. I really just couldn’t help myself; they are so much fun to design.

To check out coaster options on, go to Don’t forget to login to see your wholesale pricing! And if you want to do something that you don’t see on the site, please contact us so we can get all excited and create something new just for you! 1-800-384-0910