Bad news and good news about pricing……

Hi Guys, Mark Sarpa here – CEO of  I have bad news and good news about pricing. We need to raise our prices on our quantities under 75. UNLESS… can help us grow. Don’t worry for now. We are going to hold our current pricing until year end and if we can grow significantly we can hold them into 2015.

Now for the good news, today we are actually reducing pricing significantly and adding higher volume options. By 10:00 am PST today all flat and folded cards will have quantities enabled from 500 to 2,500 in increments of 250. Also you will find the pricing on the top quantities almost 40% less than we previously had posted.

So about the bad news….we need your help… we serve designers and we need more of you. You can help us by sharing on social media or writing a blog article for us. That will help us hold our prices in 2015 on the lower quantities.

We also cleaned up our quantities based on what people actually order to make is simpler.

The new drop down allows in increments of 5 from 10 to 100, in increments of 10 from 100 – 200, in increments of 25 from 200 – 300, increments of 50 from 300 – 500 and increments of 250 from 500 – 2,500.

Rest assured that the adjustments actually mean you pay way less for 750 than you would have for 625 in the past.

Thanks for listening and for being such an awesome group to work for.


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