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paperWe were recently asked for a description of our papers, so if you don’t have time to wait to get a paper sample booklet from the site, here is a little info that might help you out. 

110# Uncoated: A heavy duty bright white with a very smooth finish, this guy prints beautifully and is our house stock.

19pt Savoy Cotton: This beauty is fast becoming the fav for stationery. It has a very subtle texture, enough to make it interesting but not enough to mess with print quality. The white is bright and warm, the natural is a soft ivory color.

110# Synergy Felt: The texture of this paper differentiates it from the rest. The white is bright and prints beautifully. The Ecru is warmer/bolder than Savoy Natural.

110# Ice Pearl: The Princess of all of our papers is almost ivory with a gorgeous pearlescent finish. Photos and flat colors print superbly and the colors pick up a metallic tone from the paper. I ❤ Ice Pearl for invites and holiday cards. 

130# Mohawk Options: For those of you who prefer to use recycled paper whenever possible, this one is a winner. It’s a bright white, heavy stock and prints just as well as the rest of our arsenal. 

110# Gloss: Super smooth, bright white and if you like shiny stuff, you’ll like this paper 🙂

Many of our papers are available in double thick too, go to and see the drop down on the right side of the page to see which stocks you can double up for a completely awesome card. 


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