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Double Thick Maximum ink density

With the holiday season we have seen some amazing designs and we have come across some challenges in production. One thing I wanted to mention was maximum ink density on double thick cards. Double thick, especially on savoy uses a perfing, folding, and gluing machine which puts additional stress on quality. To achieve this we need ink density kept to a maximum of 230%. This is extremely important with any colors with heavy magenta like deep blues and purples.


Happy Designing and thanks for listening!

Bad news and good news about pricing……

Hi Guys, Mark Sarpa here – CEO of  I have bad news and good news about pricing. We need to raise our prices on our quantities under 75. UNLESS… can help us grow. Don’t worry for now. We are going to hold our current pricing until year end and if we can grow significantly we can hold them into 2015.

Now for the good news, today we are actually reducing pricing significantly and adding higher volume options. By 10:00 am PST today all flat and folded cards will have quantities enabled from 500 to 2,500 in increments of 250. Also you will find the pricing on the top quantities almost 40% less than we previously had posted.

So about the bad news….we need your help… we serve designers and we need more of you. You can help us by sharing on social media or writing a blog article for us. That will help us hold our prices in 2015 on the lower quantities.

We also cleaned up our quantities based on what people actually order to make is simpler.

The new drop down allows in increments of 5 from 10 to 100, in increments of 10 from 100 – 200, in increments of 25 from 200 – 300, increments of 50 from 300 – 500 and increments of 250 from 500 – 2,500.

Rest assured that the adjustments actually mean you pay way less for 750 than you would have for 625 in the past.

Thanks for listening and for being such an awesome group to work for.


More items allowed for quantity ordering on our wholesale stationery site.

On We posted about adding quantity ordering to personalized or customized gift products a while ago. The purpose of this blog is to update you on our progress.

The items in bold are now enabled for ordering up to 20  of the same design. We will enable up to 200 as soon as we solve the packing list issue.

  1. Lunch  boxes with and without wrap
  2. Journals (both 7.5 x 5.5 size and the 8 x 10 size)
  3. Folders
  4. Notebooks
  5. Notepads
  6. Placemats

The items we plan to do next are

  1. Mugs
  2. iPhone Cases
  3. Water Bottles
  4. Puzzles
  5. Trays
  6. Clipboards
  7. Chore Charts
  8. Wrapping paper (since we are coming out with sheets soon)
  9. Binders
  10. Growth Charts
  11. Canvas Gallery Wraps
  12. Cutting Boards

Please let us know if you have input on which order we do these. Have a great week.


You can now order Journals and Wedding Guest books in quantity on StationeryHQ

I am pleased to announce you can now order personalized journals in two sizes and in quantities up to 20 per design.

Also the price does come down a bit when you order in larger quantities.

You can check out our offering or order these below.

Personalized Journals

Personalized Wedding Guest Books

Once we have several orders in we will even be adding higher quantity options.

We would love you to post the quantity you might order either here, by email or on our facebook page.

Next week we will be adding quantity ordering on folders, notebooks, and placemats with more products released the week after.


automated quantity orders on gift products is coming……

Are you tired of duplicating single orders to fulfill a large quantity job? We  heard that you need quantity on our gift/home office/school supplies products. Cuz you told us. Repeatedly. Great news, Squeaky Wheels, our super sonic dev team has solved this issue and we have released lunch boxes in quantity.  Now you can order up to 20 of the same design.

First the bad news, your packing slip will have 20 line items on it (we will solve this eventually, however this is critical to make sure we ship you all 20 for now).

We plan to release as follows and expect to have all products available in multiple quantities (some will have large volume discounts) by July something…

iPhone Cases
Growth Charts
Cutting Boards
Water Bottles
Chore Charts
Wrapping Paper

Let us know if you want to order 1,000 of something and we’ll move it to the top of the list 😉




Did you know we do custom work?


White ink on kraft, big fun for vintage-y wedding.

Sometimes we forget to mention our custom stationery work, which has been our sweet spot for over a decade. We just assume people know that we produce lots of stuff that is not on the StationeryHQ website, but our customer service ninjas tell us that we are mistaken.

When you have a job that doesn’t fit the portal we can provide a quote, all we need are some specifications and it helps if we have a file to look at.

To check out a few of our custom services please look at this page Custom Jobs

To upload a file just click on this link:   Custom Job Upload

Tell us what you want, what you really really want and we will try figure out how to do it and get you the costs to make sure it works for your client.



You asked and we delivered – Envelopes from Waste Not Paper® on

Waste Not Envelopes

Waste Not Envelopes

You asked and we delivered – Envelopes from Waste Not Paper® on Waste Not has had a great reputation for many years in the fine stationery marketplace. We knew our designers wanted us to provide a low quantity option for Waste Not envelopes in sassy colors. Cuz you yelled it from the rooftops. Really loud.

So Scott started working on a partnership with Waste Not so that our customers could do one-stop shopping for their stationery needs. We are very excited to be able to provide that experience. Many of you probably want these with liners, with printing, and with Waste Not’s entire color lineup (which is amazing). We are starting with three sizes and six colors and if they sell like hotcakes we’ll add more colors and more options to make your envelopes as fabulous as your card design. We have A7, A2 and 4Bar Euro Flap envelopes in these colors:
Pure White
Luxe Blush
The Luxe Blush is on order, should be available in late in May or early June. I sure hope you like these and that they help your business grow and be more profitable.