Online ordering of foil stamped cards is live on


Online ordering of foil stamped cards is live on

Well sort of….We launched a single sided A7 digitally printed card with foil stamping on one side today (3/14/2014). Don’t worry, we have lots of other products coming to go with this however we wanted to launch with an MVP (minimum viable product).

We have been doing quite a bit of foil stamping over the last two years. It’s a lot of work to launch new product and this one proved especially difficult since the dies are made offline.

We know this will reduce the cost to produce foil stamped cards but we weren’t sure what kind of challenges you would face when ordering your cards.

Here are the things we have discussed and have not solved yet:

1.  What do we do when you want to reorder and you have already paid for the die? (not sure how we are going to do this yet)

  • 2. How can we produce these under our current 72 business hour promised turn time? We don’t make dies in-house at this time so we cannot ship within 72 hours. For now we are committing to seven working days. Hopefully we can reduce this time in the future.

3. How can we produce a proof before running the entire job? (this is not an option for online orders at this point)

4. How do I order other sizes online if I need more than a 5 x 7?

We decided to launch with only one product in case we have issues. If this works well we will add A2 and 4bar within two weeks.

I hope you like our offering and will help us be successful at this.  Feel free to contact your rep with any questions or comments and thanks for giving us a chance to try new things!

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