What the Heck is PUR Binding on StationeryHQ.com??

What the Heck is PUR Binding??

The process we use for binding journals and wedding guest books on stationeryHQ.com is called PUR binding.

Here is a video where  you can meet Eric of StationeryHQ.com and see our PUR binding. It’s fascinating…. okay, not really. For most people it’s enough to know that it is cold melt process (versus hot melt on those paperback books that fall apart) which yields a stronger book.

Eric Nielsen is one of our awesome representatives, he’s been with the company for a long time and in the printing business for even longer. Meet Eric

For those of you who like to dig into production details here are a few articles on PUR binding.

American Printer Magazine Article

Another good article

If you need more information please email [email protected] or [email protected], or post a message on twitter or our Facebook page. Or go old school and give us a call at 800-384-0910.

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