Why won’t we refund or reprint orders lost or delayed by the USPS on StationeryHQ.com?

We love the USPS, wait we hate them. Sometimes it depends on the day.

We love them because:

  1. They offer great freight rates
  2. They ship coast to coast faster than ground
  3. They supply great boxes which protect products
  4. They have that whole “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night….” motto

We want to boycott them because:

  1. They won’t reimburse us when they mess up. (UPS and Fedex do). Well actually they will  occasionally  when they screwed up two orders valued over $500 this holiday and they reimbursed us around $60.
  2. Their shipment times are suggestions. The other carriers guarantee theirs.
  3. Sometimes their tracking doesn’t update for over a week

They drive us crazy. We want to offer their service and whenever we have a problem it is usually bad and we consider shutting off their service from StationeryHQ.com. We’re kind of stuck here because their rates are competitive but their reliability is shaky.

So here’s the deal, we cannot refund or reprint any orders lost by the USPS.

In our experience the USPS has an unreliable track record for delivering orders on time. When this happens they do not allow us to file a claim until at least 15 days after the order has shipped. Once a claim has been filed, the USPS initiates a search for your order. If you order is found it is shipped back to us and the claim is considered fulfilled (can you believe that?). This doesn’t help you, your client, or us does it?

If they can’t find it we MAY receive a claim (another can you believe that?)

We do want you to keep using USPS however please don’t use them on any order that is expensive or critical.

More information can be found about the USPS claims process here:

Domestic Claims

International Claims

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