Designing for Double Thick Paper


Twice as nice, double thick paper

Twice as nice, double thick paper

We LOVE the double thick paper trend (hey, Paper Homies). Assuming that you love it too, there are a few things to know about getting the most bang for your buck. Double thick printing requires a little more finesse than our standard printing process. Printing on double thick involves multiple steps including perforating, folding, gluing, and cutting which means that errors are more common.

A 1 to 1.5 millimeter shift in front to back is very common. Your design should never include typography or borders that are close to the edge, that’s just asking for alignment issues. And by “close” I’d say give yourself a 1/4 inch between things that matter and the cutting edge.

We have also discovered that Savoy Cotton doesn’t love the automated gluing process so these will be hand glued in the future. We are happy to provide hand gluing for those who have a love affair with Savoy but it will cost a bit more than our other stocks.

Other than that, go double nuts on double thick, your clients will love it.

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