Product Hacks

Just because it’s called a “Growth Chart” doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a wedding sign. Or a shop banner that says “SALE”. Or just really cool wall art.

Vertical banner with ribbon and dowel for hanging. Custom printed on canvas.

And if you haven’t ordered stickers yet, you might be missing a big opportunity. They are crazy inexpensive with your wholesale discount and the print quality rocks. Here are a few ways that creative peeps have been using them.

And don’t even get me started with rolled wrapping paper options! It’s a big, long (72″ x 30″) piece of paper and you can order just one roll with your design on it. It’s perfect for signage, put it on a table for a themed event and of course, wrap stuff with it 🙂

Our DIY sheets can be used any way you want. Create an art print, or an event sign. Or load up your table number signs onto one sheet and we can cut them or you can cut them. Design an organic shape and include a trim line for yourself. Do whatever you want, you’re the designer 😉

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