#10 Wedding Menu with Rounded Corners for Blush Wedding

Custom printed wedding menu in #10 format on Savoy Cotton Cover Stock with rounded corners.

#10 Flat Card for Menus with Rounded Corners at Blush, Gray and Gold themed wedding.

Custom printed #10 Flat Cards with Round Corners are perfect for a wedding menu. This Blush and dark gray design featured 10 different jokes and fortunes so each guest at a table had a unique menu to enjoy. The jokes were fun ice breakers and the design complemented the blush and white flowers along with the gold accents. This look accented the blush and gray wedding invitation that was foil stamped with gold and printed on double thick paper and also had round corners. Print as few as 10 menus or as many as you need, volume pricing appears in drop down menu on product page. Wholesale pricing available for creative professionals.

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