Reigniting the creative flame

People like us have a deep need to create. But it’s not always easy to be brilliant on demand. Some days I feel pretty unoriginal so I have to shake things up. A great playlist might do the trick and a change of scenery almost always works. I was invited to attend a 3 day workshop in Palm Desert with some seriously creative peeps last week. My first instinct was to turn it down because I have too much to do and because there are no TVs at Miracle Manor (seriously, that’s where we stayed) and the World Series was gonna be playing. But then I decided this was probably the kick in the pants I needed so I went for it.


I used crayons during all of our sessions, felt great to color again.


Sunrise hike in the desert with my new homies.


Had fun with photography on my morning hikes.

We spent 3 days problem solving around professional challenges while we colored with crayons. I have always found a lot of value in having a creative community with whom to bounce ideas around. And I always liked crayons so that’s  a win-win for me. I came back refreshed and ready to inspire and be inspired. I know we can’t always take off to faraway places but I bet taking an hour away from your computer to go for a walk or to a local musuem would be time well spent.

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