StationeryHQ overview, welcome

Wow. Talk about overwhelmed in a good way. The team at StationeryHQ knew we had a lot to talk about this year with our faithful clientele and scores of newcomers, but I don’t think we were fully prepared for the incredible reception we received at the National Stationery Show in New York.

The StationeryHQ Dream Team: Scott Feldman, Jack Tanowitz, and Leah Pyron

The StationeryHQ Dream Team: Scott Feldman, Jack Tanowitz, and Leah Pyron

  • Case in point. On Sunday, day one of the four day show, we ran out of almost all of our new double-thick paper samples. The ability to produce high-end imagery on Letterpress thick substrates is apparently a “yahoo” moment for the marketplace.

The buzz around our technology offerings was extremely gratifying. Kudos to our development team and a big thank you to our beta testers and feedback from our user community.

  • Case in point. Here’s a couple quotes from existing users comparing the old StationeryHQ site to the newly released site.
    “One thousand times better. The speed and user experience makes such a difference.”
    “Like night and day. The new SHQ site has slashed my time to place an order.”

We also shared our new CAPOW (Complete Automated Personalized Order Workflow) technology with a few larger customers who want to add real-time preview and/or distributed manufacturing. While this is a larger budget item for most, there is definitely a bigger pool of clients than we thought looking to solve these challenges for their respective websites.

  • Case in point. An online retailer with a website offering 30,000 SKUs desperately wants to add real-time preview to compete with the bigger players in the marketplace and to improve their conversion rate.

We really enjoyed the snark factor at the show. Some very helpful designers contributed to our booth decor with some witty word combos and big ideas. Thanks to those of you who took the time!


The team at StationeryHQ wishes to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. It’s always such a great opportunity and a real pleasure to put a name with a face at NSS. We came away from the show inspired by designers’ requests for new products and processes and couldn’t wait to get back and start working on them!

We look forward to supporting your stationery and gift needs and helping you solve your business challenges.

See you next May, or hopefully sooner.


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