Month: January 2016

Price Increase Update

We hope you got some rest after a fun-filled and hard-working holiday season! We have been crunching numbers since orders tapered off and wanted to give you some insight into what, why and when changes will happen.


Everything could change a least a little. Our data shows us what you order most often. High order volume = minimal price changes. So we hope that we are affecting the least amount of customers by doing smaller price increases on most frequently ordered papers and products. When you order your next set of cards, you’ll see that different papers will vary much more than previously. This doesn’t necessarily mean that higher quality papers will cost a lot more. Savoy cotton is favored by many of you so we can sustain better pricing on that stock than we can on say, Kraft or Cream, which is rarely ordered.

Another significant change is the cost on a quantity of 10 cards. We know this is an important option for you so it’s still available but you’ll see that there is a big price break between 10 and 25 quantity. If all of our customers order 25 instead of 10 cards, our efficiencies go way up so we are able to offer a better price. 250 is another magic number for us so you’ll see another significant price break in cost per card when you get to that quantity. And if you order 2,500 of a flat card on 120lb. Accent Opaque, the pricing won’t change at all.

We are still reviewing data, if a current product is already priced to match volume and costs it will not go up.


After years of studying our customers’ buying habits and working hard to perfect efficiencies, we have figured out that we can’t invest in new equipment and top people with our current pricing. We want to continue to offer low quantities on beautiful papers so instead of discontinuing them, we need to charge enough to cover future investments. Our mission is to enable creative peeps to make their business dreams come true. We ask ourselves how our decisions support our mission any time we make a change or introduce a new idea. An increase allows us to improve our processes and equipment while maintaining wholesale pricing for those creative peeps we like so much 🙂


Today. Each change requires a ton of data entry (think about how many sizes, how many papers, how many additional options, how many quantity breaks and you’ll get an idea of how many numbers need to change– this kind of math is my worse nightmare) so we can’t do everything on the site at the same time. Hopefully you received our email about a month ago that was sent to give some advanced notice.

We will start with cards. Flat A7 cards to be specific. Then we’ll move on to A2, 4bar, 3.5″ x 5″ and Business Cards. Once those are done, we’ll move onto double thick. Then folded cards. After aaaallllll those cards are updated, we will start on gifts. The proposed schedule is as follows:

1/4 Belly Bands

1/4 Flat Cards

1/4 Double Thick Cards

1/5 Folded Cards

1/5 Die Cut Cards

1/6 Envelopes

1/6 Labels and Stickers

1/7 We will do the math on foil, art prints and DIY sheets, not sure if these will change but will let you know ASAP

Are you still with me? Bored to tears? Sorry, if all this logic and arithmetic is torturous. I know I’d rather be sketching right now… Just want to keep you as up to date as possible. We offer too many variables to give you an easy snapshot of what’s changing but hopefully this explanation helps (if it hasn’t put you to sleep).

As always, we thank you for being such amazing designers, good business people and awesome supporters. We hope 2016 is your best year yet.