Price Increase

It’s never fun to see prices go up. It’s not even fun to be the people behind the increase. We have been operating with the current price structure for over five years now and the current pricing doesn’t allow us to give you our best. We also moved to a less expensive location and did as much cost cutting as we could in order to keep investing in people, machines and technology but there is still so much we want to do to keep pushing forward.

So starting in January you will see prices going up. Some will be small because we have the volume we need to sustain really low pricing. For example, a 10% increase on a set of 25 cards might only be about $1 more. Some will be up to 30% because we are losing money on a particular product.

We’ll continue to find the best values on the best materials and develop efficient processes to keep prices in check. We will send announcements with specific numbers as soon as we have them available so you can price your products accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience and please check back for updates. And thanks for being such great customers.


  1. I hope you consider offering a rush option. I often have clients that want a rush on prints and have to use another printer to fulfill the order but prefer to use StationeryHQ!

  2. I need to know now what items are going up 15-30% so I can plan for spring. If you are raising
    wrap for example, I can not include it in my catalogue.

  3. Do you know when you’ll have the white serving trays back in stock? I had an order for some and was really surprised to see that they’re not in stock since there was never an email or facebook post about it.

    Also, I’ve mentioned this several times before, but more envelope sizes are needed for wedding invitations. It’s not enough to offer an A7 and an A9 when most invitations include an inner envelope and an outer envelope (and no one wants their wedding invitation/inner envelope to look like it’s swimming in an outer envelope that’s 2 sizes too big).


    1. We just launched rectangles. Our supplier had issues with the square ones so our hands are tied for now. We are looking at our entire product portfolio for 2016.
      Some items will be added and some will be taken away. Mark

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