Ladies and Gentlemen, Feldman has left the building.

A really big event happened over here last week. We had a sendoff for one of the founding partners of Progressive Solutions– the backbone of, and It’s only a big deal cuz the company is just about to turn 25 and Scott has been there since the beginning.

Mark Sarpa (the other guy) first met Scott when he hired him right out of college so they could go be accountants together at Peterbilt Motors. Yep, they were accountants before they were printers. Within months of hiring Scott, Mark was offered a job in printing sales and since it was turning out that Mark had too much personality for accounting, he took it. By then the guys had become fast friends and roommates. 

Mark brought Scott into the next company as CFO and together they learned the business of printing, from the process to the numbers. Lady Luck was on their side in 1990 when Mark got fired on a Thursday. It was lucky because it gave him and Scott a long weekend to set up their new printing company by Monday morning. All of Mark’s clients came with him, Scott gave notice and Progressive Solutions was born. The totally generic and fairly meaningless company name came with the quick turnaround time. This was before there were URLs and search engines, I believe the research was done with a phone book, i.e. “Scott, do you see a Progressive Solutions in Santa Clara in the yellow pages?” asked Mark. “Nope.” replied Scott.

The guys hit the ground running and were able to get the hell out of our apartment and into a real office within months. (Did I mention I’m Mark’s wife? We threw in a wedding during all of this, since we were young and stupid). 

The business grew and changed over the years as Scott and Mark embraced new technology and printing opportunities. As the company grew, so did Scott’s family. He got married (Mark was Best Man) and had two beautiful little girls. Scott’s passion has always been product innovation–have you heard of double thick cards? Yeah, Scott figured out how to do that with personalization at a reasonable price. And That was Scott’s idea too.

In the last few years Scott has had a yearning to learn more and do more. He told Mark that Independence Day seemed like a good day to start a new journey. So on July 3rd, we celebrated Scott’s long and amazing career and all that he contributed to the Progressive Solutions that we know today. His sense of humor and willingness to dress up like a fool for any occasion will be missed around the office. He says he’ll stop in and make sure we’re not all effing up the place once in awhile.

Congratulations to Scott on making a bold decision to try something new and we wish him an amazing journey. He doesn’t know where he’s going yet, so far he has a massage, a comedy show and a tee time booked.

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