notes from a freshie


The SHQ Crew with Lady Liberty

The SHQ Crew with Lady Liberty

What should someone expect from his or her first time at the National Stationery Show (NSS)?  I –not knowing what to expect– felt like a transfer student at a new high school [cue in Mean Girls references here].  Hoping to fit-in with the popular clique–aka my SHQ cohorts–I visualized my stylish trapper keeper, accurate scantron, and handy no. 2 pencil…ready for action.

The show itself was a lot to take in on the first day but the nerves eventually settled. It was a blast walking the floor, manning the booth, and seeing new and familiar faces. Though I was nervous of tracking in dirt to our “white space” themed booth, I treasured the excitement of representing StationeryHQ.  It was so moving to hear the enthusiasm from future customers regarding what a stationery fulfillment printer could mean for their business.  Helping answer questions like, “Do you print custom foil wedding invitations?” or “What if I need to order low quantity save the dates?” also turned some frowns 😦 upside down 🙂

Now that my “freshman” year at NSS is complete, I hope to see you there next year…and the year after……..and the year after that………[you get the idea]

Cheers, Chris


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